Extreme Series Resin™ (ESR™) Products  

Flexible, Durable, Extreme and Extreme Plus ESR™ Resin Ribbons - Designed to meet your most demanding applications

PrintheadSaver® Extreme Series Resin™ Definitions

ITW Thermal Films PrintheadSaver® Extreme Series Resin™ (ESR™) ribbons are formulated specifically for extreme conditions and harsh work environments like chemical drum labels, medical and pharmaceutical labeling, industrial and automotive applications, to name just a few.  ESR™ thermal transfer ribbons deliver consistent high-density bar codes and images and superior performance characteristics that is expected of a resin ribbon. 

Featuring our proprietary anti-static coating and high sensitivity inks that enable you to maintain and sustain the life of your printheads, ITW Thermal Films has a Durable, Extreme or Extreme Plus ESR™ thermal transfer resin ribbon that is right for your specific labeling application.

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