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The Right TTR and Label Combination for your Specific Application

Finding the right ribbon and label combination for your demanding application can sometimes be confusing and time consuming.  At ITW Thermal Films we’ve simplified the process with our online Extreme Solutions™ program.

Extreme Solutions™ partners ITW Thermal Films with some of the world’s leading substrate manufacturers to better understand more about labeling in demanding market sectors such as:  automotive, chemical, electronics, industrial, retail healthcare and pharmaceutical to name a few.

What is Extreme Solutions™?
A comprehensive online program that allows you to quickly and easily find the thermal transfer ribbon/label combination for your specific bar coding printing application.
How does it work?
By learning what performance metrics (i.e., label flexibility, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, etc.) you need from a thermal transfer ribbon/label combination, we can match the ribbon to the label stock that is best suited for your particular application and deliver custom solutions that meet your unique requirements.
When should I use Extreme Solutions™?
Because each market sector is specific in regards to the criteria that needs to be met from the thermal transfer ribbon/label combination, Extreme Solutions™ is designed to be used whenever you are looking for a ribbon formulation that needs to be Flexible, Durable or Extreme.  From mild to harsh work environments, we have the PrintheadSaver® thermal transfer ribbon for all your industry labeling needs.  Click here for more information on our products.
Who can benefit from Extreme Solutions™?
OEMs, substrate manufacturers, VARs, distributors and companies who are looking for a value-added resource tool to help them specify a ribbon/label application solution.
ITW Thermal Films is 100% committed to providing TTR products and value-added services that help you work more efficiently and cost effectively.  Extreme Solutions™ brings you the label/ribbon solution that is best engineered to meet your durability requirements and provide you with optimum print quality.
Extreme Solutions™ supports a broad range of bar code printing applications and is only available from ITW Thermal Films.  Click here to learn more.