Automotive, trucks, buses, airplanes, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles all use hundreds of thermal transfer ribbon/label combinations for just-in-time manufacturing, tracking and identification of each new vehicle.  Applications for thermal transfer ribbons in the transportation market include:  component labels, emission labels, parts tracking, certification labels, warranty labels, serial number plate labels, recall information, agency UL or CSA labels, aftermarket replacement parts and much more.  Each application requires a specific ribbon/label combination that is durable enough to last the life of the vehicle and withstand a number of extreme conditions that it will be exposed to including:  salt spray, brake fluid, battery acid, grease, high temperatures while also meeting a number of OEM label requirements.  Typically resin ribbons are required.

Finding the right ribbon/label combination just got easier, with ITW Thermal Films Extreme Solutions™ program.  Log on today to find the PrintheadSaver® thermal transfer ribbon that is designed for your specific transportation ribbon/label application.

PrintheadSaver® ribbons for warehouse applications include:

Transportation Applications