Bar code labels used in healthcare applications need to be reliable, durable and remain scanable. These thermal transfer ribbons need to be durable enough to withstand a number of conditions including autoclave resistance, solvents found in clean rooms and within the manufacturing process while maintaining legible print.  Thermal transfer ribbons used in the healthcare environment contain critical information needed to assure proper and accurate identification of medication, blood bags, medical devices, and patient identification to improve safety and traceability in the healthcare environment.  In addition, these bar code ribbons often need to meet a number of FDA guidelines and/or have specific certificate of compliances to meet the demanding performance characteristics required in this market sector where patient well being is critical.

ITW Thermal Films Extreme Solutions™ can help you find the PrintheadSaver® thermal transfer ribbon that is designed for your healthcare label application.

PrintheadSaver® ribbons for healthcare applications include:

Healthcare Applications